Digital Agencies

The balancing act of financial management

In order to effectively manage cash and optimize the value of your firm, a digital agency must skillfully manage the balancing act of client expectations and staffing resources. For companies generating over a million dollars in revenue annually, it’s necessary that you have a firm grasp on your monthly financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting and KPIs.

Additionally, we’ll help you look at your accounting and finance assumptions and practices in new and different ways.


For example, depending on the month, do cash flow issues rise the top of your list of concerns? Would you like to discuss some options for smoothing out your year? Do you tend to bill by the hour or by the project? Have you considered value-based billing? How are you doing compared to your peers in other successful agencies? And would you like to have a long-term plan for your agency’s success, instead of just feeling as if you’re somehow just making it past the finish line every year?

At Laurentian, we will help you answer these and other questions by keeping a close tab on your financial operations and guiding you through agency best practices. By working with us, you can continue to focus on running the creative side of your business while taking the right steps to continue to grow your agency and position it for long-term success.

Digital agency? You’re just our cup of coffee.

Laurentian assists successful and growing digital agencies, such as large web development firms, web design and digital marketing companies, to continue to grow into even more profitable and tax-efficient organizations.

We understand that when you’re running a creative agency, finance and accounting may not be the most pressing tasks on your mind. However, we also know that as you continue to grow, these issues will become critical to your long-term success or failure.

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